Our Philosophy

The Central Health Group was founded by Dr. Lucy Lord, Dr. Rulin Fuong and Dr. Sarah Borwein.  

Their goal from the beginning was to build a practice that they would themselves choose as patients. A practice that would put the medical care of its patients ahead of the profitability of the practice or the financial interests of the individual doctors.

When faced with a difficult problem we ask ourselves if our patients were sitting in on our discussion would they support this decision.  We have succeeded, we believe, in managing important issues such as transparency, conflicts of interest and perverse incentives that can distort the delivery of the best medical care.

Lucy, Rulin and Sarah are joined by Dr. James Oliver, Dr. Winnie Siu and Dr. Yvonne Ou who are managing partners of Island Health and Southside Family Practice.

We are keen to have feedback about the practice and how it can be improved. Please feel free to email us.