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Receive Quality Obstetrics and Gynaecology Care in Central, Hong Kong

This is where we began and is still the field in which we are best known for. Central Health was originally founded to provide Obstetrics and Gynecology care to support mothers and babies. Over the past 23 years, we have delivered more than 8000 babies throughout Hong Kong and continue to do so, at a rate of 400 per year. Our Obstetricians, Dr. Lucy Lord and Dr Grace Cheung, have admission rights at the Matilda, Adventist, Sanatorium and Canossa hospitals, and aim to give you the happiest and safest delivery possible.

Finding the right obstetrician

We firmly believe that to find the perfect fit for your Obstetric care in Hong Kong, it is important for you to conduct extensive prior research. We also believe that the only guide to future performance is to access accurate information about past performance. General assurances of good will or anecdotal reports of outcomes are not as reliable as audited results.

At Central Health, we audit our Obstetrics and Gynaecology performance based on the well-being of the mothers and babies, as well as rates of intervention. Intervention refers to birth complications, such as caesarian section and episiotomy. We are happy to provide our patients with the outcomes for our deliveries and the rates of intervention. Please ask our midwives for our most recent data.

We believe it is very important that our patients have complete confidence in our obstetrics and gynecological care!

Experienced obstetricians

Our midwives, nurses, Gynecologists and Obstetricians provide a friendly and supportive environment, where you can freely discuss your fears and expectations. We provide the best advice available and aim to give you the information you need to make the right choices for you and your baby. We understand that many expectant mothers in Hong Kong are a long way from their extended families and natural support groups. We try to bridge that gap and to provide them with the support, knowledge and care they need.

Once again, our emphasis is on seamless care across the disciplines. We always have pediatricians available, should they be needed at delivery. Our gynecologists ensure that any medical care received during pregnancy, is tailored to the needs of both mother and child. We also have psychologists and a psychiatrist on hand to help if pregnancy, childbirth or parenting seems overwhelming.

Whilst the areas of family practice, paediatrics and psychiatry have developed in their own right and now independently enjoy fine reputations, there is close cooperation between these specialties. Our Gynecologists and Obstetricians work closely together in the best interests of all our patients.

Specialist assessment clinics:

  • Pre-conception assessment

    If you are planning a baby we encourage you to have a pre-conception check, preferably at least 3 months prior to conception. We make sure that you are fully vaccinated against viruses that can harm your baby and advise you about nutrition and vitamin supplements. We give genetic counselling and advice to older mums. We conduct blood tests for immunity or vitamin deficiencies. Whether you consider yourself low or high-risk, assessment is a good way to avoid many of the preventable problems in pregnancy. If you are already pregnant don’t worry! We are meticulous in our antenatal care so that we can plan for all foreseeable problems. You can download our pre-conception screening questionnaire and speak directly to one of our midwives.

  • Early pregnancy assessment

    Once you are pregnant, we like you to come for an early ultrasound scan. We will always see and scan newly pregnant patients on the same day they ring if they are anxious or at risk. The sooner we are certain of viability or the presence of unforeseen problems the better we are able to manage the pregnancy. This is particularly important when you are intending to travel, as far better you know the full facts whilst still home in Hong Kong with appropriate care at hand. High risk patients in particular benefit from the reassurance of early scanning. Our nurses can administer accurate blood pregnancy tests well before you have missed your period. This can be important as medications helpful in preventing adverse outcomes such as aspirin or heparin should be started as soon as possible.

  • Elderly Primigravidas

    This term, believe it or not, is used to describe women having their first baby after the age of 35 – and it applies to about 50% of our patient base!  We have consequently developed a depth of experience in dealing with all age-related risks of pregnancy and childbirth. We do not think it helpful to label slightly older mothers who are otherwise healthy as high-risk. It creates unnecessary anxiety when we already ensure that our routine antenatal care is dedicated to managing their needs and our strategies for delivery always take age into account. A routine pre-conception check is all that we would advise our 35 to 39 year-old patients who have not yet had a baby.

  • Much Older Mothers (MOMS) assessment clinic

    10 to 20% of our mothers are over 40 and an increasing number of our first time mums are over 45. Our patients have often read a lot about age-related risks to themselves and to their babies. We take care to put things in perspective and to help them decide upon a sensible strategy for their pregnancy. We are lucky that our older mums are well-educated and well-informed. They have usually taken care of themselves, are not overweight and have had good pre-pregnancy nutrition.  This goes a long way to reducing the risks in this group; however we do pay them special attention. They will normally have extra scans and be closely monitored toward the end of pregnancy. Our MOMS group seems to grow every year.

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