Looking for a Hong Kong Paediatrician with Extensive Experience?

Our paediatric care starts with the birth of your baby.

We have a specialist paediatrician available 24 hours a day, who can be present at your delivery upon request or if your obstetrician believes there is any risk to your baby. If the unexpected happens, our emergency roster aims to ensure that an on-call pediatrician is quickly available for emergency cover and can be at the hospital within approximately 15 minutes. They will stay until your baby is stable. No private hospital in central Hong Kong provides on-site 24-hour specialist paediatric care, so we endeavour to provide expert care for your baby from the moment he or she emerges into the world.

Even if your delivery is completely straightforward, one of our paediatricians will make it their job to visit you every day that you’re in hospital to check on your baby’s progress. They will help smooth his or her transition to independent life and be available should emergencies arise.

Central Health are proud to provide an exceptional standard of specialist paediatric care in Hong Kong, Central.

A paediatrician for life

The need for care continues as your baby grows. We understand that as a parent, you endure no greater stress than caring for your sick children. Our job is to provide solid, reliable, expert care for your child. For those from the international community, whose family and friends are far away, we endeavor to provide the extra support you may need. That’s why we have an English-speaking paediatrician available for parents who don’t speak Cantonese.

Local knowledge

All three managing partners at Central Health are mothers who are passionate about their jobs. As English speaking locals who have raised children in Hong Kong, we are well aware of the medical difficulties in the area. We know that it can be a struggle to get the support and medical expertise you need, and are committed to providing it. We aim to see all sick children on the day you ring. If your child needs an urgent appointment please email your usual paediatrician ASAP.

Our specialist clinic

We have three pediatricians and a family doctor who cares exclusively for children. We have five doctors who look after children as part of their job as family physicians. Between them, they have 17 children. In addition to being specialist doctors, they have cared for their own children when they are sick, and understand the fear and frustration involved. If you have any concerns, please raise them. Sometimes a simple explanation can provide reassurance.

We offer a well-baby clinic for children up to a year old. It offers advice on:

  1. Breast and bottle feeding
  2. Weight and measurement
  3. Sleep (or lack of it)
  4. Colic & crying babies
  5. Weaning
  6. Anything else you are worried about

Our specialist clinic gives new mothers a comprehensive booklet, which provides information on vaccine schedules, developmental milestones, feeding, sleeping and common illnesses.

Experienced paediatricians

All members of our team are experienced in general paediatrics, neonatal resuscitation and child development. Should your paediatrician feel that your baby is not meeting particular targets within their age range, they may refer you for a range of assessments or investigations, such as hearing assessment, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy.

In addition, they have areas of special interest or expertise, including asthma, eczema and allergy, cardiology, endocrine and metabolic disorders, and childhood development.

Contact our clinic

If you would like to book an appointment with an experienced, English-speaking paediatrician at our Central clinic, please call us at 2824 0822, email reception, or make an appointment online.