Pay and claim, or direct billing

Most patients settle their bills in clinic and later submit claims to their insurance company for reimbursement. Some insurance companies can arrange for hospital stays and procedures to have a guarantee of payment in place (GOP), so you can rest assured that your treatment costs will be covered.

Please do let us know at the time of your booking if you have health insurance and the details of your plan. Direct billing allows patients to charge their healthcare costs directly to the insurer. Central Health has such an arrangement with the following companies and more:

  • Aetna Global
  • ALC-Health Global Response
  • AXA Global Healthcare
  • Allianz
  • Cigna
  • Generali CMN Global
  • HTH / GeoBlue
  • Healix – FCO Healthline UK
  • Healix International – NZ
  • International SOS HK
  • MSH China
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • William Russell
  • William Russell (Sompo) HK

If in doubt, it is always worth checking your policy details before embarking on any treatments or referrals. If you do not have insurance, we strongly recommend that you purchase a plan to suits your family’s needs. Medical care through the VHIS system or Government Hospital systems are alternatives options to private insurance.

If you have any questions regarding treatment costs, pre-authorisation or claims processes, please email