What our patients say about us

I gave my first long speech at our Monday meeting and it went flawlessly – no fear or anxiety or stress whatsoever and I’m really pleased. I can’t thank you enough for accurately diagnosing the issue and helping me find the right treatment – its made a world of difference to my work life.

RS (October 2021)

I always walk away from appointments feeling respected and well informed. We appreciate and value your work.

Sarah B (January 2021)

As we reflect not only on our time in HK, but our path to becoming parents we will be forever grateful for your support, professionalism, guidance and quality of medical care. The world would be a better place with more healthcare providers practicing like you all at Central Health.

Julie, Lekith & Bode (November 2021)

Thank you for everything you have done for our entire family these past few years! When we first arrived in Hong Kong we had no idea that one of our favorite experiences of living here would be outstanding healthcare you provide. From gallbladders to infected toes, from ulcers to panic attacks, you have been there to support us through it all!

Lisa G (June 2020)

We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for all your help and guidance as we have tried to navigate the last few months. Discovering our sons condition was clearly distressing but the virus outbreak has made the situation all the more challenging. It means so much to us to have doctors that can help us make such unique and complex decisions. Thank you again!

Gemma B (August 2020)

I wanted to let you know that my doctor has been incredible at helping me through the death of my partner from cancer. She has been easy to talk to, kind and compassionate. It is only due to her advice and encouragement that I have decided to seek grief counselling.

Central Health were there for me at a time when I would have found most health professionals difficult to engage with. I just wanted to thank the practice and let them know how exceptional I have found my doctor to be.

Kiran N (September 2020)