Health Screen

Health screens are an important aspect of disease prevention and maintaining good health.
The following is included in our comprehensive package:

  • Initial extended consultation.
  • Follow up consultation to discuss results.
  • Written report summarizing your doctor’s advice and copies of the test results.
  • Abdominal and pelvic scans.
  • Liver Mediscan (checks for fatty liver).
  • Comprehensive blood, urine, and stool tests (see over).
  • Optional for women to have with or without a Pap Smear and HPV screening ($11,000 without).

When you make an appointment for a health check-up, we will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to complete before your visit.

List of Laboratory and Investigations included

Arthritis, Inflammation
Infectious Disease
Blood Count, Anaemia

Kidney Function

Blood Group

Liver Function, Minerals, Micro Nutrients & Nutrition

Cancer Markers

Stool analysis

Cardiac Risk
Urine analysis
Diabetes & Metabolism
Thyroid Function

Other tests done in clinic

Comprehensive Health Screen - $11,500

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