Central Health Updates March 2024 

Central Health Updates March 2024
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Advances in health screening. 

The Galleri blood test: a revolutionary new multi-cancer early detection test (MCED) or liquid biopsy developed at Oxford university.
The Galleri test is a one-draw blood test that identifies tiny pieces of mutated DNA that have come from fragments of tumour cells anywhere in the body. In Hong Kong this technology is marketed under the trademark Lucence Insight. 
Unlike current cancer screening tests, mammograms, pap smears and biomarkers, Lucence detects DNA from 50 different cancers using the same technology. For most of these cancers this is the first time we have had a screening test suitable for early detection.
Lucence cannot, on its own, make a diagnosis of cancer but can identify those who have a significant enough risk of a specific cancer to justify targeted investigations.
Like all screening tests, while providing the benefits and opportunities of early detection and higher cure rates, Lucence also carries some risks and disadvantages.
Whilst Lucence promises to revolutionise cancer management and help save lives it is not a magic bullet nor is suitable for everyone. For example it is expensive so in most cases is unsuitable young people who have no family history or other risk factors for cancer.
Lucence correctly identifies patients with cancer between 50 to 65 % of cases. We anticipate the sensitivity of the test will improve as more research is done. Lucence has a low false positive rate of 2% but that still means that 1/50 patients may go through the worry and expense of investigations in order to show they are cancer free. The stress that this may cause should not be underestimated and should be carefully weighed against the opportunity for early detection. We believe that all patients should be properly counselled around their individual risks and benefits before being tested.
In the UK NHS England is currently collaborating with the company GRAIL, Cancer Research UK, and King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trial Unit to conduct a study of the Galleri technology across the UK. The trial aims to recruit 140,000 volunteers aged between 50-77 to evaluate the effectiveness of this blood test in cancer screening. The NHS is limiting the availability of this trial to patients with non specific symptoms of cancer such as fatigue and weight loss in order to determine if the test is cost effective for the NHS.
In private practice we will be offering Lucence to older patients who may be at higher risk of cancer ( including those with nonspecific symptoms ) and younger patients with a family history of certain cancers or a lifestyle that might have increased their cancer risk.
We are currently discussing with insurance companies under what circumstances and for which patients they will cover the cost of Lucence.
If you are interested in learning more about the Lucence test please mention it to your doctor at your next visit or book an appointment with one of our GPs. 

Central Health Team


Imunis is an innovative service allowing all our patients to receive vaccination records for themselves and their families digitally, and importantly to receive a status and reminders when family members are eligible for vaccination. 

Vaccination is arguably more important than ever, as we see vaccine-preventible disease outbreaks at a 30-year high globally, including measles outbreaks & deaths in the UK, USA & Europe. 

Imunis is for children and adults – there is an increasing number of vaccines available for adults, and those with unknown/uncertain vaccination history in childhood may be recommended to take certain vaccines as an adult, particularly in times of outbreak. 
Imunis also helps our team of health providers at Central Health as it simplifies the way we provide vaccination records to our patients, and makes it easier for us to keep our patients on track. 

New Service Announcement
In the coming weeks, Imunis account holders will be able to scan their & their family’s paper vaccination records via the App, which will be digitised and added to their profiles, forming a consolidated, digital vaccination record. 
 Enrol with Imunis
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