Updates from Central Health Jan 2024 

Dr Holly Lewis has commenced her practice at Central Health, succeeding Dr Lucy Lord in Central Health’s obstetric team. In the UK Holly followed a training pathway which was closely similar to that undertaken by Dr Lord years earlier, at many of the same teaching hospital centres of excellence. She was senior registrar at St Mary’s Hospital in London, home of the famous Lindo Wing, and senior registrar and consultant at the equally renowned Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital.

Her research interest has centred on the management of high-risk pregnancy and prevention of premature labour, for which she was awarded a PhD in 2018. Holly’s personal philosophy is to deliver babies safely with a minimum of drama but maximum support for mothers and other family members.

Whilst Holly’s main focus is obstetrics, her gynaecological interests include, menopause, fertility, contraception/family planning and day case surgery for abnormal bleeding.

Holly has been asked by Hong Kong University and Queen Mary Hospital to work as an assistant professor one morning per week where she will supervise labour ward care and provide research and surgical expertise in the prevention of premature labour. The rest of her time she will be spent working at Central Health and delivering babies at Matilda Hospital. Her clinics in Central Health Duddell Street are Monday and Friday afternoons and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. She will be in Discovery Bay on Wednesday afternoons.

For appointments, please email enquiries@centralhealth.com.hk You can also contact Holly direct by email drlewis@centralhealth.com.hk or her mobile 5423 8024.

Central Health comprehensive maternity packages for delivery at Matilda Hospital.

Matilda International Hospital has a well-deserved reputation for providing the best patient centred maternity care in Hong Kong and has been the first choice for the majority of Central Health’s patients for the last 34 years. Its success is often attributed to its more obvious attractions, quiet location, beautiful rooms, good food, peaceful views, experienced midwives, excellent breast-feeding support and its reputation for empowering a mother’s choice in childbirth.

The Matilda has been Central Health’s first choice of maternity hospital for all of the reasons mentioned above, but much more importantly because our obstetricians, paediatricians and anaesthetists recognise it as being one of the safest maternity hospitals in Hong Kong and one of the few that has the back-up to manage the more challenging emergencies that can complicate even normal pregnancies.

Our soon to retire senior partner, Dr Lucy Lord,  has campaigned for over 20 years to ensure that private hospitals who choose to provide maternity care are completely transparent about the level of emergency cover they actually provide. So far only the Matilda provides rostered on site obstetric, anaesthetic and paediatric cover 24/7, along with a supply of rhesus negative blood, a basic standard expected by our international patient community.

At Central Health, we pride ourselves on ensuring that mothers and their partners are fully informed, reassured and supported throughout their birth experience. However even in the best hands, pregnancy and childbirth is not always fully predictable and complications can occur. Our clinic’s extensive experience and close working relationship with the Matilda (34 years and over 10,000 deliveries) means that we are adept at managing complications together. However, these unpredictable complications and emergency procedures can lead to an extended stay in hospital with extra costs.

In the past most of these charges have been covered by insurance. Unfortunately, many insurers are increasingly reluctant to provide maternity cover and many employers have reduced health benefits or moved international employees to local contracts.

Most of our patients without insurance would prefer to deliver with us at Matilda but are understandably concerned about the potential cost implications of rare but expensive emergencies. With all of this in mind, we have created an entirely new, extended maternity package designed around our collective experiences over the last 10 years of rare complications requiring a significantly heightened level of care. 

We are pleased to announce that the new package will be available for bookings from 1st of February 2024 until 31st December 2024. It will be available to patients without pre-existing medical or obstetric problems who are planning to deliver in a standard room category. Full detailed terms and conditions as well as costs are available from our midwives, who will be happy to answer any questions. (midwives@centralhealth.com.hk).

If you do have pre-existing medical or obstetric problems, and want to check whether you can still be eligible for the new extended package, please email Julia, our senior nurse, who will discuss your case directly with the Matilda. (julia@centralhealth.com.hk). 

Central Health Team

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