Covid-19 Vaccine for Children

Central Health continues to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination scheme, offering the Sinovac vaccine to eligible adults and children. Many of our patients have expressed an interest in vaccinating their young children, but would prefer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The government has recently announced that they have finally acquired the new dosage formulations for children above 6 months and are ready to take bookings online. They will only be available at designated government vaccination centers for paediatric Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

For any parents who are unsure as to which Covid vaccination would be be most suitable for their child our paediatricians and family doctors are able to offer further support and information.

Covid-19 antiviral treatment
There are two novel oral antiviral therapies for Covid-19 now available to patients in Hong Kong. Studies show that early initiation of antivirals was associated with reduced risks of hospitalization, mortality and in-hospital disease progression. Both Molnupiravir and Paxlovid can be prescribed by Central Health doctors for eligible patients who test positive and register their infections in Hong Kong via the online system:

The private sector is helping to reduce the burden on the Hospital Authority by treating community cases and preventing severe infections. After paying for an online consultation, your doctor can prescribe antiviral therapy for free if this is deemed to be appropriate. Although in the majority of cases, healthy adults and children make a normal recovery without the need for antivirals.

We have secured a private stock of Molnupiravir which can be prescribed outside of the government reporting system to individuals who are high risk of progression to severe disease. People at higher risk of severe Covid-19 include those who are obese, have chronic illnesses or are immunosuppressed. We understand that many patients are also concerned about upcoming travel and catching Covid-19 in a country without access to antiviral treatment.

If you feel you are high risk and want to have prompt access to Molnupiravir should you test positive for Covid-19, please book an appointment with your GP.

Central Health Team

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