Updates from Central Health Aug 2023

Dear Patients,   

Many of our patients have been making the most of quarantine-free travel and have spent time with friends and family, getting a much-needed break. I think we have all learned the importance of staying fit, healthy and taking care of our mental health over the last 3 years. We are still finding many of our patients are struggling with anxiety, stress, burnout and insomnia post- pandemic. We have been providing advice and interventions to get everyone back on track so please contact your family doctor if you are struggling.

The centralhealth.com.hk website been updated and improved with new functions. This includes an online patient registration portalappointment booking system and more detailed description of our patient services. The website will provide important announcements about changes in contact details and, most importantly, WHAT TO DO IN AN EMERGENCY. Please familiarise yourself with our website so that you know how to access our urgent medical and mental health services.

We take data security extremely seriously and have recently upgraded both our firewalls and our staff training to ensure your data and confidentiality continues to be fully protected. Our I.T. team regularly test and review all our IT systems, firewalls, server security, policies, and procedures meet the same high standards and attention to detail as our medical care. We are aware however that human factors are often responsible for data leakage. Please ensure that your passwords are secure and that your registered or saved contacts with Central Health are up-to-date. Our reception, nurses and doctors will identify themselves in a phone call or email and will always provide further verification if asked. If you receive any communication from us about which you are suspicious, please contact us directly via familiar or verified email/phone/WhatsApp accounts available on our website or directly from your doctor.

From time to time, our own communications get identified by a 3rd party server or host as spam. Recently this has been particularly common with patients who use Yahoo email addresses. Please check your spam folder and add us to your registered contacts so as not to miss any important communications.

We are sad to see our psychiatrist Dr Maxine Cheung leaving us as she moves back to Australia. to be with her family. We wish her well and remain hopeful for her return some time in the future. Her replacement, Dr Michelle Tam, was Cambridge educated and initially worked in financial services before qualifying as a doctor and psychiatrist. Michelle treats all levels of psychiatric problems, from stress, anxiety and depression to the more severe bipolar disorder and psychosis. We are now taking bookings for her clinics which started in August. Appointments can be made online, through reception, or by contacting Isabel our adult mental health coordinator amhc@centralhealth.com.hk 

We are happy to announce that our physiotherapist Hazel, has fully recovered from her wrist fracture and is back providing full physiotherapy services.
She is currently available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. Please contact our reception team on 2824 0822 / enquiries@centralhealth.com.hk / appointment booking system to book an appointment.

It can be hard to know what you should be looking for in a health screen and whether you need to do one in the first place. In this section of our website, we explain why a general check-up is always worth the time and effort. We aim to give our patients as much choice as possible while guiding them through to the most appropriate package.  If you are interested, don’t put off what can be a painless and easy task that gives you valuable information about your health.
Central Health Team
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