Emergency Advice & Contacts

Many family practices in Hong Kong do not provide an out-of-hours service. Our doctors have always felt that it was in the best interests of our patients to provide an emergency service, and we have been doing so successfully for over 20 years.

This service depends on both the goodwill of the doctor and the common sense of our patients. The charges for this service are normally waived for all regular patients of our practices in need of urgent advice.

Please take time to familiarise yourself with how our system works and ensure that you have discussed fully with your doctor the best way of accessing their care in an emergency. Also make sure all relevant family members, including helpers, have access to our emergency numbers and understand what to do in an emergency.

Doctors are only able to provide advice if the patient has been seen at our practice as a lack of proper notes, including medication history and allergies, could give rise to poor outcomes for patients and liability for doctors.


What to do in an Emergency

Pregnant Patients

If you are pregnant and think you may be in labour or experiencing a maternity emergency, call the maternity department of the hospital where you are booked to deliver and they will discuss your symptoms with you and advise you how to proceed. Please follow their instructions.

Hospital Numbers

Matilda Hospital – Maternity Unit 2849 0321
Adventist Hospital – Maternity Unit 2835 0523
Canossa Hospital – Maternity Unit 2825 5310
Sanatorium Hospital – Maternity Unit 3966 3270
Gleneagles Hospital – Maternity Unit 3153 9303



It is difficult to give medical advice about children over the phone, particularly babies and small children.

If you feel there is any possibility that your child or baby may have a serious medical problem, it is best for them to be seen as soon as possible by a paediatrician. Out of clinic hours, this means taking your child to either the urgent care department of a private hospital or the Accident and Emergency department of a public hospital.

Please familiarise yourself with your nearest hospitals and have a plan in case your child is taken ill, particularly if they suffer from a serious or chronic problem.

Extensive general medical recommendations are given in your baby book, please keep this in a safe place.


All of our doctors provide follow up care for their own patients. If you are currently seeing one of our doctors, you may contact them on their mobile number listed on this site and on their card.

This is a free service provided at the discretion of our doctors, please use it carefully.

Most of our patients are young and fit, however, some patients may have chronic conditions and be at higher risk of asthma, hypertension etc. if you fall into this category, please discuss a strategy with your GP of what to do in an emergency.

Non-Urgent Advice

Please contact your doctor by e-mail should you require non-urgent advice.

For Adult Mental Health Support please email our Adult Mental Health Coordinator at amhc@centralhealth.com.hk

For Children Mental Health Support please email our Clinical Care Coordinator at ccc@southside.com.hk



If this is a medical emergency please make your way to the nearest hospital.

If you need urgent medical advice phone your doctor directly. If you have difficulty contacting any of our doctors, they may be attending to a medical emergency, please phone the hospital maternity care units or any of the private hospital urgent care units – they have updated details of all our doctors’ contacts and rosters – their numbers are:

Hospital Maternity Unit Numbers

Matilda Hospital 2849 0321
Adventist Hospital 2835 0523
Canossa Hospital 2825 5310
Sanatorium Hospital 3966 3270
Gleneagles Hospital 3153 9303

Hospital Numbers

Ambulance 999
Matilda Hospital – Outpatient Dept (24 hr) 2849 1500
Adventist Hospital – Outpatient/Urgent Care (24 hr) 3651 8888
Canossa Hospital – Outpatient Dept (24 hr) 2825 5805
Sanatorium Hospital – Outpatient Dept (24 hr) 2835 8600
Glenealges Hospital – Outpatient Dept (24hr) 2122 1333