In-House rapid testing for Covid-19, Mind HK Conference

In-house rapid testing for Covid-19

Central Health is now offering rapid testing for Covid-19 using our in-house equipment from Abbott Laboratories. This is designed to give a quick turnaround time for low-risk patients wanting peace of mind. The key features of this test include:

  • Easy to obtain shallow nasal sample (no need for the deep nasopharyngeal swabs)
  • Quick turnaround time of approximately 10 minutes
  • Cheaper than the current 24 hour laboratory test
  • Accurate and safe, like all molecular point-of-care testing
  • FDA-approved under an emergency use authorisation for medical-care settings

In high-risk situations, or cases where formal evidence of negative Covid-19 status is required, the preference for testing remains an authorised laboratory. Such scenarios include:

  •  If you are unwell with a fever, cough and respiratory symptoms
  • If you came into contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19
  • If you are planning on travelling overseas and require evidence of negative Covid-19 status

For more information on this product see this link.

Raising mentally healthy humans!

Our Doctors have been helping parents realise their hopes and aspirations for safe deliveries, healthy babies and happy successful children for nearly 30 years. During this time the knowledge around how parents, teachers and others can influence a child’s chance of becoming a mentally healthy, resilient and confident adult has gone from myth and opinion to robust and evidence based. MindHK’s 2 day youth mental health conference will present the latest research and experience from around the world. A great opportunity for all our patients to truly understand the best evidence on what it takes to raise a child with a better chance of happiness.

Mind HK will be hosting the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference 2020 this Friday and Saturday (6-7 Nov 2020). 45+ renowned local and international experts will showcase the latest research, innovation and best practice in youth mental health. Participants will gain access to a digital programme and on-demand content for 6 months. Youth aged 12-24 are also invited to join their Youth Summit on November 8, for an afternoon of discussions on youth mental health.

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