Introducing Tele-physio!

At this crazy time, we are all being advised to avoid going out if possible, which may mean you don’t feel comfortable going for non-emergency medical appointments.  Luckily COVID has struck at a time when the wonder that is ZOOM means we can do many things remotely.

For anyone who is in need and not able to get out for a physio appointment, we wanted to let you know that our physio here at Central Health is offering on-line tele-health consultations, whilst also continuing to see patients in person at our Central clinic.

Tele-physio can be a great way to get advice with pain management, exercises, and stretches without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Working from home?
If you are working from home, tele-physio is also a great way to have a professional assess your work-from-home set up.  We can give advice on desk ergonomics and posture which can help to you to identify and correct issues that may be leading to back and neck problems.

Post Natal?
Similarly for new mums who want to get exercising and are not sure where to start, or those who would like advice on alleviating post-natal pelvic floor issues or aches and pains, tele-physio with our women’s health physio specialist can start you on the journey to recovery from right in your living room!

Whilst we recognize that an on-line consultation does not have the obvious benefit of hands-on treatment, education about your injury or condition, lifestyle advice and exercise guidance can go a long way to empowering you to manage and even recover from your injury.

For appointments, please contact reception on 2824 0822 and be sure to confirm whether you would like to book your session on Zoom or in-person at the clinic.

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