Our latest information on what is happening in public hospitals regarding the separation of children from their parents due to Covid-19.


After a lot of effort and intervention by certain groups including Central Health partners, this problem has settled significantly in favour of keeping families together. In general, we understand that positive children under 7 years old can have a parent or guardian stay with them during an admission. While children of any age who also have special needs (ADHD, epilepsy etc.) can also be accompanied on the wards by a parent.


The day to day practice of any one hospital continues to change depending on their bed space and other operational factors. You are more likely to be able to stay with your child if you are fully vaccinated and willing to under-go daily rapid antigen testing. We believe you if you are persistently polite but firm you are more likely to succeed with your request.


If you have any first hand experience or information to add to the above, please email us and we will investigate or help if possible.