Covid-19 news and updates

As pandemic measures related to Covid-19 are being rolled back by the government we all welcome the slow but steady return to normality. Community infections will no doubt continue for a long time so it is important we remain vigilant for any changes.

Covid is similar to many other seasonal respiratory viruses and colds like influenza. We therefore continue to ask all patients with signs and symptoms of a common cold such as a cough or fever to see our doctors using one of the isolation rooms. This is both for your protection and that of our fellow staff and patients.

RATs are no longer necessary to do before a routine appointment, but if you are sick and need to come to clinic, we ask that you do a RAT first to rule out Covid-19. In case there is any doubt, a virtual consultation is always available. Routine appointments such as vaccinations, ultrasound scanning or health screens should be postponed if you are unwell with a cold.

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