Child Vision Care

See your optometrist for your child's vision care

Good vision involves more than good eyesight. Good vision means having efficient scanning, focusing and visual coordination skills for reading and learning in the classroom. Comprehensive behavioural optometry care can help your child get closer to their maximum potential in school, as well as enhance their visual skills for sports.

What will the 20/20 eyesight test not tell you about your child’s vision?

If they see double
If they can read without headaches If they can keep place on text
If they have healthy eyes
If they can focus from book to board & back


Signs of visual dysfunction:

Headaches or eye strain Blurred or double vision
A dislike or avoidance of close work Abnormal head posture
Closing or covering of one eye
Excessive blinking or eye rubbing
Constant loss of place when reading Low reading speed
Difficulty remembering what they read Poor eye-hand coordination