Type 2 diabetes is the 10th most common cause of death in Hong Kong. It remains a health pandemic worldwide.

The condition comes hand in hand with overweight and obesity.

Women who develop high blood sugar levels during pregnancy may also be at increased risk of developing diabetes in the future.

Most people with Type 2 diabetes do not experience symptoms. Occasionally, your doctor may suggest checking for the condition if you experience:

  • Feeling thirsty all the time
  • Dry mouth
  • The need to pass urine frequently
  • Recurrent thrush

Prevention is always the key to health. Having a blood test to check your blood sugar can allow diabetes to be picked up early and treated (even cured).

Blood test remains the most helpful tool to identify who is diabetic, but more importantly who is likely to develop diabetes if no lifestyle changes are made.

There are now innovative devices available to monitor your blood sugar level throughout the day. This enables you to improve your diet and feel great from what you eat.

Book an appointment with your doctor if you are interested in taking initiative to live a heathier life.

Although people commonly describe diabetes as a chronic condition, Type 2 diabetes is very curable . The doctor will be able to advice on individualised treatment plan that are most suitable for you.

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