Podopediatrics services

Podopediatrics services

Central Health offers specialised Podopediatrics services with a dedicated podiatrist focusing on children’s foot conditions. The podiatrist’s role involves assessing lower limb structures and foot function to support children in maintaining an active lifestyle and overall well-being. 

It is important to understand the complexities of walking development, it typically takes up to seven years for children to master walking, with the adult gait generally established at that age.

Podiatrist Alex frequently encounters various conditions in the clinic, such as flat feet – common in children under 4 years old, with the arch development starting around age 4 and usually self-correcting by age 6. Conditions like in-toe walking, tiptoe walking, and out-toe walking often resolve naturally but may require assessment if they persist beyond certain ages to rule out underlying issues. 

Additionally, addressing concerns like ingrown toenails, growing pains, knee, and heel pain promptly is advisable to prevent complications and ensure proper management.

Plantar warts, a result of the HPV virus, can affect children’s feet, with most cases resolving within 12 months without treatment. However, if warts persist, various treatment options like topical solutions, cryotherapy, or laser therapy are available. 

Emphasizing the importance of appropriate footwear, experts recommend allowing children to go barefoot safely and delaying shoe usage until they have mastered walking independently for 6-8 weeks. Selecting well-fitting footwear is crucial, considering aspects like toe room, a firm heel, good grip, cushioned sole, and suitable fastenings for optimal foot development and comfort.

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