Vision Care

See your optometrist for vision care

Vision Care

See your optometrist for vision care

Over the years, eye care has become recognised as an essential part of overall health care. Other than medical consultations, patients are more likely to seek an eye test than any other kind of health service.

Your Part 1-registered optometrist can provide comprehensive eye care, using the latest diagnostic tools and information to manage any concerns you may have about your eye comfort or vision.

Regardless of your age, occupation or health status, we can help you to achieve your best vision possible and ensure that your eyes are as healthy as they can be. It is important to have your eyes examined regularly, as the sooner eye health and vision problems are discovered, the greater the chance of successful treatment.

Your registered optometrist is qualified to:

  • Examine your eyes for vision disorders
  • Prescribe and supply spectacles and contact lenses to improve vision
  • Detect and diagnose signs of eye disease and/or health disorders affecting the eyes
  • Analyse and treat binocular vision dysfunctions
  • Prescribe other specialised optical aids such as swimming goggles and sports eyewear

Optometrists can also advise on:

  • Sunglasses and UV protection
  • Vision for sports and hobbies
  • Vision-related learning disabilities
  • Eye safety at home and in the workplace

When your optometrist examines your eyes:

  • You will be asked about your eyes and vision, your families eyes and vision, and your general health
  • Specialised techniques and instruments will be used to examine the various functions of your eyes and to ensure that they are healthy
  • If you need spectacles or an updated prescription, you will be advised on the best choice of lenses available and assisted in the choice of frames that must be fitted correctly
  • If your eyes are suitable for contact lenses, your optometrist can organise a contact lens fitting and advise on how to insert, remove and maintain your contact lenses

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