World Mental Health Day

Dear all, 

Today is World Mental Health Day.

We are emailing to share Mind HK’s 2020 World Mental Health Day campaign #behindthemask (short film and details here: 

Dr Lucy Lord and Dr Rulin Fuong founded and provided the start-up funding for Mind HK in 2017 and we are incredibly proud of what Mind HK has achieved in ensuring no one has to cope with a mental health problem alone. In particular, a big thank you to Hannah Reidy Mind HK’s CEO and all the Mind HK team.

We would really appreciate your help in sharing Mind HK’s mental health campaign in the coming days. We have included a summary, resources, and EDM below, which you welcome to share.  


In honour of World Mental Health Day 2020 (October 10), Mind HK has launched a campaign called “#behindthemask”. Due to the pandemic, wearing an emotional “mask” in Hong Kong has become part of daily life; masks unintentionally hide a person’s expressions, as well as their true feelings. Over 50% of Hong Kong residents stated that their mental health worsened during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mind HK’s campaign focuses on what Hongkongers are feeling then compares what can be seen (with the mask on) and what can’t be seen (behind the mask) through a short film and images; it highlights common struggles and emotions that many are experiencing daily, with the hope of normalising feelings and mental health. The campaign seeks to encourage people to ask themselves how they feel #behindthemask, get help when needed and check in on others.

Mind HK’s dedicated initiatives are here to provide support to those in need:

For the full short film and further details on #behindthemask and available resources and services, please visit:

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